The U.S. Dollar

Written, Directed, and Edited by Daniel Berson

Recession. Debt Ceiling. Inflation. What do these things have in common? THE U.S. DOLLAR. This PSA from 1993 highlights the fascinating role that America’s currency plays in our lives.

Produced by Katie Robbins, Aaron Kogan and Daniel Berson
Cinematography by Richard Marcus
Music by Seth Podowitz
Assistant Camera: Pablo Hernandez and Bryan Truong

Narrator: Ryan Chaffee
Man: Daniel Berson
Young Guy: Brandon Econ
Professional Woman: Jennie Pierson
Young Husband: Drew Tarver
Scientist: Lizzie Prestel
Sexy Guy: Ryan Harrison
Friends: Ryan Iverson, Bryan Truong, Pablo Hernandez, Katie Robbins
Prostitute: Katie Robbins
Pizza Man: Adam Chanzit
Cashier: Bryan Truong
Car Buyer: Pablo Hernandez

Thank you:
Matthew Kang and Scoops West Side
Noah Galuten and The Golden State
Nell Rutledge Leverenz
Zach Brooks
Charlie Stickney